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Kate Mitchell joined the Maternal Health Task Force as Managing Editor of the Knowledge Management System in January 2012. From 2010–2011, she served as a Clinton Fellow in Jharkhand, India, where she helped to coordinate training for frontline health workers and community organizations. She also explored community perceptions of India’s cash transfer program, which aims to increase institutional deliveries—and shared photos and stories from the field on various global health blogs. Before heading to India, Ms. Mitchell worked on the first phase of the Maternal Health Task Force, helping to launch the MHTF Knowledge Management System, facilitating online dialogue among global health practitioners around specific maternal health issues, and producing ongoing content for the MHTF Blog.

Ms. Mitchell earned her MPH from Boston University and completed her practicum in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, where she produced a multimedia piece documenting the stories of Dominican and Haitian women who experienced life-threatening barriers to quality maternal health services. She holds a BA in International Relations, with a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean, from Florida International University. Fluent in Spanish and a lover of yoga, she is fascinated by the intersection of public health and journalism—and is always on the lookout for new links between storytelling and community engagement and mobilization.