The MHTF has a mandate to explore emerging topics in the study of maternal health. Each Topic page brings together resources, information and tools in one easy-to-access place organized around a maternal health theme.

Country Resource Pages
Country pages compile a range of resources on selected countries with high burdens of maternal mortality and morbidity. By compiling key resources and statistics, along with recent publications, these pages provide an introduction to the scope of the challenge as well as current efforts to improve maternal health in each country.

The E-Learning page contains a variety of online tools for medical professionals, public health professionals, policymakers and field staff working in maternal health.

The searchable MHTF Library contains over 1,300 documents relating to maternal health submitted by various partners. These documents may be freely used and distributed, as long as credit is given to the appropriate partner source.

The Statistics page provides links to various databases and sources containing data relating to maternal health.

Tools and Applications
The Tools and Applications page offers a variety of useful online tools as well as manuals and guides specific to the maternal health field. These resources can help increase efficiency and accuracy in your work and research.