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Nutrition and the Continuum of Care: Pre-Conception to the Post-Natal Period

Streamed live on July 28, 2014

When Dr. Ranu Dhillon stumbled upon baby Reena during a routine visit to a clinic in India, she was almost comatose and unable to get the care she needed. Dhillon traveled with Reena and her mother from hospital to hospital, but left again and again without finding treatment.

Reena’s story, which Dhillon told at the Wilson Center alongside a panel of health and nutrition experts on July 28, is not one of infectious disease or an incurable illness, but of maternal malnutrition and its lasting effects across generations. Globally, malnourished mothers give birth to as many as 17 million underweight infants a year, according to the World Food Program. These children often face health and development challenges throughout their lives as a result.

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Justine Kavle
Senior Program Officer for Nutrition, MCHIP
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Corinne Mazzeo
Health and Nutrition Advisor, Christian Children’s Fund
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Frederika Meijer
Country Representative, UNFPA India
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Tanuja Rastogi
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