DHS eForum Closes

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Many thanks to everyone who posted a comment on our DHS eForum. Since the DHS is such an important source of information for monitoring progress on maternal health indicators, it is crucial to get the revised questionnaire right, and I anticipate that the DHS program will seriously consider this input from the maternal health community. As previously announced, we are closing the forum now because the DHS program is only accepting comments until the 18th and we need a couple of days to consolidate your input into a summary document. That document will be posted on this site later this week.

One of the mandates of the Task Force is to provide a neutral space for the maternal health community to discuss, debate, and come to consensus on a range of issues. As an example, we would be very happy to convene a group to work on the idea of a maternal health module or dedicated survey. Let us know if you are interested.

As usual, more to come shortly…. -Ann.