Leaders in Maternal Health Comment on the New Maternal Mortality Estimates: Dr. Ana Langer

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The Maternal Health Task Force is looking to those working in maternal health for their comments on the recent findings published in the Lancet that suggest a dramatic reduction in global maternal mortality.

Dr. Ana Langer is President of EngenderHealth and Advisor to the Maternal Health Task Force.

Today, she shared her thoughts about the new maternal mortality estimates on the Huffington Post.

Here is an excerpt:

“…These findings provide much needed hope and optimism for those working to improve the health of women around the world — people who, for decades, have pushed hard for resources for continued innovation to make high quality care available to all women — despite the odds. The maternal health community can now better target interventions, refine and strengthen advocacy messages, develop a focused research agenda, improve measurements that track progress and ultimately, show governments, donors and supporters that their investments in maternal health pay off…

…What better time than now for local and international organizations to discuss lessons learned and shared challenges — to engage in a robust scientific conversation? What can we learn from successful countries about their ability to care for pregnant women? I was delighted to see that Mexico, where I committed over two decades of my career to improving maternal health, has made significant progress saving mothers’ lives. At the same time, we need to understand why, for example, efforts in Brazil have resulted in more dramatic progress…”

Be sure to read Ana’s full piece, Finally, fewer women around the world are dying from childbirth. Now to continue the trend, on the Huffington Post.

What do you think about what Dr. Langer has to say?