Leaders in Maternal Health Comment on the New Maternal Mortality Estimates: Meg Wirth

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By: Meg Wirth, Founder, Maternova

The Maternal Health Task Force is looking to those working in maternal health for their comments on the recent findings published in the Lancet that suggest a dramatic reduction in global maternal mortality.

Meg Wirth is the Founder of Maternova, an organization dedicated to connecting frontline maternal and neonatal health professionals, tracking innovation in maternal and neonatal health, and mapping maternal health facilities.

Meg shares her initial thoughts on the new maternal mortality estimates published in the Lancet:

The model presented by Hogan et al presents some very positive findings on MMR.

My first reaction is–it’s great to have good news.

But my second reaction is–that I look forward to reading the response by Hill et al (who did the 2007 study on MMR) to see their analysis of the model.

And finally, the relatively large drops in MMR found in some countries like India and Romania beg for policy studies to illuminate the factors at play.  Here too, it is so refreshing to have new success stories to highlight.

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