Leaders in Maternal Health Comment on the New Maternal Mortality Estimates: Claire Bangser

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By: Claire Bangser, Program Coordinator, Young Champions of Maternal Health, Ashoka

The Maternal Health Task Force is looking to those working in maternal health to comment on the recent findings published in the Lancet that suggest a dramatic reduction in global maternal mortality.

Claire Bangser is the Program Coordinator for the Young Champions of Maternal Health program at Ashoka, a partnership with the Maternal Health Task Force to identify 16 “young champions of maternal health” who will spend 9 months working on a maternal health project abroad and being mentored by an Ashoka Fellow.

Claire shares her thoughts on the recent Lancet paper on maternal mortality:

The findings in this report give the maternal health community reason to be optimistic. We now must work to sustain this momentum and continue to foster an entrepreneurial community of changemakers improving maternal health in the communities and countries where women still lack access to the quality health services they deserve. We should be looking to innovators from the areas of greatest need to inform the decisions of the international maternal health community.

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