Fistula Stories: Faith-Based Curriculum for Taking a Stand on Global Maternal Health

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Written by Meagan Manas, MDiv, Women’s MinistriesNational Council of Churches

Fistula Stories is a faith-based 4-session curriculum for use in churches, campus ministries, and other community groups.  Through education, Bible study, and advocacy planning, Fistula Stories invites the group to take a stand on Global Maternal Health.  Studying the specific issue of fistula provides a tangible framework in which to explore the connections between faith and action as well as our connections to our global sisters.  The Fistula Stories curriculum is available for free download here, where you can read more stories of faith in action, find out more about fistula, and learn about what is being done to improve life for women worldwide.

Click here to read the press release announcing the new and expanded Fistula Stories curriculum.