The World Bank Announces New Five-Year Reproductive Health Action Plan

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An article, More Condoms, Contraceptives, Midwives, and Educated Girls Could Prevent Most Maternal Deaths―New World Bank Reproductive Action Plan, on the World Bank News and Broadcast page outlines the rationale and the details of the new plan. The plan will focus on increasing access to contraception, attendance of antenatal services, knowledge of preventive measures and interventions for complications related to pregnancy, and training of new health workers. The plan also includes boosting primary and secondary school attendance for girls.

“Bank health financing in FY10 is expected to triple to an unprecedented US $4.1 billion―a 40 percent increase over the previous year’s record― in support of stronger health systems; boosting the prevention and treatment of communicable diseases; and improving child and maternal health, hygiene, and sanitation.

Given the weak state of health systems in many countries, the Bank has been working closely with governments, aid donors and agencies, and other partners to strengthen these systems so that women gain significantly better access to quality family planning and other reproductive health services, skilled midwives at their births, emergency obstetric care, and postnatal care for mothers and newborns…”

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