Women Deliver Day Three: Adolescents are Central to Improving Maternal Health

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The Women Deliver conference team made a special commitment to not only including the issues of youth (health, well-being, empowerment, etc.) in the program for Women Deliver 2010–but they also made sure to include the voices of youth throughout the conference.

The plenary on day three of Women Deliver 2010 was no exception. The plenary discussion on Wednesday (6/9), Young Women Deliver, was moderated by Ashley Judd and included six young panelists from around the world who talked about the issues of young people in their home countries.

Description of the session:

“Young women are increasingly taking leadership roles in non-governmental organizations and are a powerful force for transformative change. When we improve young women’s and girls’ lives, many benefit: not only brothers, sisters, future children, and grandchildren, but also the communities that young women engage and seek to change. As an active, productive citizen, well educated, professional, and a prepared employee, young women can break the cycle of poverty for families and nations. Yet despite potential, they remain invisible in society. This session explores the potential and actual power of young women from the unique lenses of the most important experts on the topic—young women themselves.”

Click here to view the webcast of the session.