The LifeWrap: A First-Aid Device to Address Obstetric Hemorrhage

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Recently the Maternal Health Task Force launched a new blog, GlobalMama, on Medscape that provides the vast MedScape audience with insights from the MHTF into the maternal health field. We are excited to introduce our first GlobalMama guest blogger, Dr. Suellen Miller, Director of the Safe Motherhood Program at the University of California, to our readers. In her first post, Dr. Miller writes about a first-aid device called a LifeWrap, used to address obstetric hemorrhage. See below for an excerpt of her post–and please visit GlobalMama to read the full post.

“…We are researching a first-aid device called the LifeWrap (generic name, the non-pneumatic anti-shock garment, NASG) which can save the lives of women with obstetric hemorrhage. This device, resembling the lower half of a wetsuit, is an amazing tool that health care providers use to resuscitate women in shock, decrease bleeding, and stabilize them during transport and delays which may otherwise claim their lives…”

Visit GlobalMama, the new blog of the Maternal Health Task Force, to read the full post.