Nutrition for Mothers and Children

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The first 1,000 days of child’s life, including for mothers while pregnant, are key to a child’s development and future. Malnutrition during this period can have detrimental effects that last a lifetime. This is one of many areas in which child and maternal health are closely linked and highlights the need for collaboration between those working each field.

On October 21, at the Global Health Council, Cindy Huang, an advisor to the U.S. State Department, noted “Improving nutrition in these 1,000 days leads to immediate gains in mortality and morbidity reduction, and lifelong gains in education, poverty reduction, and economic growth.” The event also included presentations from a number of speakers as part of the “New and Innovative Approaches to Maternal and Child Health,” which can be viewed on GHC’s website

In December 2010, the Woodrow Wilson Center, MHTF and UNFPA will host a Policy Dialogue on nutrition and maternal health. Be on the lookout for details soon.