Map Enhancements

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Working with Women Deliver, we’ve created a map documenting organizations working in maternal health throughout the world. As the map has become more populated, we realized that additional features were needed to enhance the users’ experience. Many of the enhancements may go unnoticed as they simply ease the use of the maps, but two features may change the way you use the maps.

First, we have added a search function to the map to allow you to find organizations that are of interest to you. Whether that is an organization working explicitly on fistula or one that has an office in Buenos Aires, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for even if you don’t know the name of the organization.

The second major enhancement that you’ll find is the ability to download data to Excel. Using this feature, you can download latitude and longitude coordinates and other information to plot in a GIS program or use however you wish.

These enhancements will hopefully increase the ease of use of the maps and allow you to use the information in new ways. If you have an example of how you’re using the information on our maps, please let us know online or send an email to Christopher Lindahl at