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The following is part of a series of project updates from the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B). The MHTF is supporting their project, Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Translation in Bangladesh. More information on MHTF supported projects can be found here.

Written by: ICDDR,B

The course materials for How to Write a Knowledge Translation Brief: Knowledge Translation in Maternal Health were developed and pre-tested with a sub-sample of researchers from ICDDR,B’s Reproductive Health Unit. A total of six researchers provided detailed feedback on the course materials that were revised as a result. The course was launched on March 2, 2011 and was facilitated by Fauzia Akhter Huda and Laura Reichenbach. The course will be delivered in four two-hour sessions held every two weeks. Eight participants are enrolled in the first course. Each participant came to the session with the results of a maternal health study they have been involved with. The first session covered how to write the Title and Background section of a knowledge translation (KT) brief and the participants worked to develop the draft Title and Background with their study results. As part of the session, participants broke into small groups to brainstorm their individual titles and background with each other. The discussion among the participants and facilitators was very lively, interactive and productive.

Each Title and Background developed by the participants for their KT brief will be reviewed and finalized before the next session. The next session will be held on March 21, 2011 where the Results and Conclusion section of a KT brief will be discussed and developed. By the end of the course each participant will have created a KT brief based on their study/study results. These will be shared on the Access for All web-page on the ICDDR,B web-site. The course will be offered to a second group of researchers in April/May.

A mock webpage for the Knowledge Translation for Maternal Health: Building Capacity and Culture for Change website has been developed. The launch of the website is planned for March when the ICDDR,B website that is being redeveloped is launched. The webpage will provide access to KT briefs; evidence base; and Government of Bangladesh documents relevant to maternal health. The goal is to make this a useful resource for researchers and policymakers alike.

A workshop, funded by the Family Planning Association of Bangladesh and coordinated jointly by ICDDR,B and the Population Council, Bangladesh, was held on December 14, 2010. It brought together development partners (UNICEF, UNFPA, WHO, DfID, EKN), civil society organizations and NGOs to discuss the role of TBAs in maternal health care in Bangladesh. After presenting the international evidence base for the role of TBAs, several NGOs (BRAC, Gonoshastho Kendra, and CARE Bangladesh) described how they train and use TBAs in their interventions. A review paper on the role of TBAs is being finalized after feedback from the workshop. This will be made available on the Access for All website.