Young Champions Meet with the MHTF

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The MHTF had a few visitors last week and, thus, the opportunity to hear from people doing amazing work in maternal health.

The week started with a visit from two Young Champions of Maternal Health, Zubaida Bai and Egwaoje Ifeyinwa Madu. Both are working with Ashoka Fellows based in the US and, since they were in New York, decided to drop by our office.

Zubaida told us about her work in Boston analyzing the social impact of a project at Health Leads (formerly ProjectHEALTH). She expects a busy final few months to the project. Zubaida also discussed an organization she started in India called AYZH.

Ifey is working in Tupulo, Mississippi with the Birthing Project that seeks to connect pregnant women with a “SisterFriend” to provide support and counsel. She is hoping that this is a model that she can transfer to Nigeria after to her placement ends and she returns home.

Both Zubaida and Ifey are looking forward to reuniting with the other Young Champions of Maternal Health in Ghana in May to discuss their progress, develop strategies to sustain their endeavors in maternal health and discuss future opportunities.