Sindhiyon Ki Dhani: A Case Study from CEDPA

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The following is part of a series of project updates from the Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA). The case study come from their project, Working on Integration Issues of HIV/AIDS and Maternal Health, which the MHTF is supporting. More information on MHTF supported projects can be found here.

Written by: CEDPA

Sindhiyon Ki Dhani is one of the Muslim dominated villages in Bayatu Block of Barmer in India. The people here live in poverty amidst plenty and mostly work as laborers or as daily wagers. Here in this village people are very superstitious and attached with their tradition. Mostly people are illiterate or have only primary education and do not know about the Maternal and Child Health Nutrition (MCHN) days organized by the Health Department. They are scared that there will be side effects if they vaccinate their children. They even do not prefer any type of vaccination for pregnant women. But a male community health volunteer from CEDPA/India’s Child, Maternal and Reproductive Health Awareness Initiative (from the same village) has been successful in mobilizing the community.

After the initiation of Maternal and Reproductive Health Awareness Initiative Program (CMH), a male community health volunteer motivated them to come for the village meeting. In those meetings, Mr. Lakha Ram counseled them on child and maternal health and made them realized the importance of immunization. Now people are talking about the health issues and enquire about the health related matter in the Panchayat meeting also. The women of the village have not only inculcated the habit of practicing health and hygiene but have also become aware of ante natal check ups and post natal check ups. They also have started visiting Health Sub Centre to get the information about the health related policies and programs, like Janani Suraksha Yojana (Institutional Delivery Scheme), actually meant for them.

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