Fourth Research Meeting on Unwanted Pregnancy and Unsafe Abortion

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From the Population Council:

The Mexico office of the Population Council is pleased to announce that the Fourth Research Meeting on Unwanted Pregnancy and Unsafe Abortion: Public Health Challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean will take place in Mexico City, at the Maria Isabel Sheraton Hotel, October 18-20, 2011.

The objectives for the meeting are to: a) share results from recent research and cumulative experience in the field and the region; b) strengthen the network of researchers, service providers and individuals working with women’s groups on issues related to unwanted pregnancy and abortion; and c) reinforce strategies to foster dissemination of research results.

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The three-day meeting will include keynote speakers and presentations from experts. Researchers from Latin America and the Caribbean will share research advancements through oral and poster presentations concerning:

  • Abortion and maternal mortality/morbidity
  • Abortion and vulnerable populations
  • Access to abortion in legal contexts
  • Access to family planning and/or abortion services
  • Experience of health professionals when providing services to prevent unwanted pregnancy
    and safe/legal abortion
  • Experiences of women requesting abortion services
  • Family planning and adolescent abortion
  • Impact of restrictive legislations, including consequences of unsafe/illegal abortion
  • Post abortion care
  • Public opinion on abortion
  • Research methodologies
  • Sexual and reproductive health policies and programs
  • Technological advances on abortion, including experiences with medical abortion
  • Other relevant issues, depending on demand and interest

The enclosed form should be used to submit by May 15, in a maximum of 250 words, abstracts for oral or poster presentations. Submissions will be evaluated by review teams and authors will be informed about the result of their submission by July 15. The review team will also determine which of the submitted abstracts will be accepted either as oral or poster presentations. Priority will be given to research projects that consider the perspective of vulnerable populations (youth, indigenous women, disadvantaged populations, underrepresented groups).

A workshop for health professionals will be held following the conference, on Friday, October 21, to discuss strategies to address the challenges associated with the provision of quality family planning/abortion services. Criteria and requirements for participation in the workshop will be circulated shortly.

Please feel free to forward this notice to any interested colleagues.

A limited number of scholarships will be available for researchers presenting either papers or posters. Participants with accepted papers or posters will be asked to complete a specific application for support in advance of the meeting.

Guillermina Herrera and Laura Carrillo will be again in charge of the meeting’s Secretariat. The attached form should be returned to their attention, at the following address: Guille and Laura will be available to answer any queries or provide additional information at this stage of the organization process.


Meeting notice (pdf)
Form for abstracts (doc)


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