A Breakthrough in mHealth: The First SIM app for Global Health!

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By: Raji Mohanam,

The MHTF has long been a proponent of mobile health (mHealth) technology and its potential to improve maternal health outcomes.  A MHTF-supported project undertaken by Medic Mobile announced a breakthrough this week at the mHealth Summit in Cape Town. Medic Mobil has developed the world’s first SIM application for global health!

Medic Mobile is building a more connected network of community health workers through a SIM application that can be used on a range of phones, including the most inexpensive kinds which are widely used in the developing world. So now, a simple cell phone can enable improved communication, education and collaboration between clinic-based doctors, health care workers and their patients in remote locations!

For all the details read the full press release here.  Also take a look at a dedicated landing page with an overview of the application here.