Weekend Reading

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This week on the MHTF blog:

  1. Raji Mohanam interviewed a member of the “Be the Change: Save a Life Maternal Health Challenge” winning team
  2. UNFPA published The State of the World’s Midwifery Report
  3. What answers does China hold for maternal health?
  4. Reader responses to our post on TBAs
  5. What are potential impacts of pay-for-performance schemes?
  6. Cash transfers for maternal health on GlobalMama (free registration required)
  7. Tim Thomas wrote about maternal health developments in Uganda

Some reading for the weekend:

  1. Photo essay: Maternal health in Malawi
  2. Micronutrients in pregnancy and infant survival
  3. Ethical considerations and informed consent in research
  4. Sierra Leone MoH’s chief medical officer on reduced fees for mothers and children
  5. A different look at Sierra Leone’s free healthcare scheme