The Beginning of a Lifelong Journey of Maternal Health Innovation

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Believe it or not, the Young Champions’ fellowships have come to an end. The end of the program, however, hardly means the end of the Young Champions’ journeys as social entrepreneurs in the maternal health field. This program has birthed 15 innovative entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who will undoubtedly redefine the field of maternal health. In their final blogs, the Young Champions detail how their experiences working for an organization in an entirely unique culture from their own has shaped their ideas for their own social ventures. Thank you for following the Young Champions’ blogs over the past 9 months. We hope that you will continue to follow each of them as they begin this next exciting chapter of their journeys as social entrepreneurs. You can learn more about Ashoka, the Maternal Health Task Force, and the individual Young Champions here. Enjoy these final blog posts!


Itchy Feet by Anna Dion

And Now… by Carolina Damásio

Peace and Hope! by Faatimaa Ahmadi

A Reward by Faisal Siraj

Oh Africa, Oh India… by Helen Kotlolo

The Most Exciting Nine Months of My Life by Ifeyinwa Egwaoje

What Happens Now by Julianne Parker

Almost The End by Laura Casalegno

A Nine Month Experience by Martha Adenew

Every woman and child counts by Onikepe Owolabi

Just in Nine Months by Peris Wakesho

To Unpathed Waters, Undreamed Shores by Sara Al-Lamki

The End of the Young Champion Program – Was it all Worthwhile? by Seth Cochran

Slightly Shifted by Yeabsi Mehari

Fearless by Zubaida Bai