mHealth Summit: Abstract Submission Next Week

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At the MHTF, we are strong supporters of innovation in the field of maternal health and mhealth is an area where we are funding numerous projects. The mHealth Summit will take place in December this year in Washington DC. The deadline for submissions of abstracts is July 8.

From the announcement:

The 2011 mHealth Summit Research Track will highlight ground-breaking health research using mobile technologies in clinical medicine and public health outcomes. Paper and poster presentations will address research on a wide range of mobile health applications including assessment and diagnostic tools, preventive health efforts, disease surveillance methods, chronic disease management, mobile telemedicine, and behavior change interventions. In addition to feasibility/usability and pilot studies of cutting-edge applications, rigorous and well-controlled evaluations of more mature applications will be presented.

The MHTF’s Raji Mohanam attended last year’s mHealth Summit and wrote a series of blog posts about it.