Jill Sheffield on a Post-MDG World

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Back in May, we posted on GlobalMama about how to start thinking about advocacy, development and health policy after the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) reach their 2015 deadline:

[After 2015] a useful framework for addressing some development challenges will disappear. Even if all of the MDGs are achieved, which looks highly unlikely, none of the problems associated with them will have disappeared. Reducing poverty by half or maternal mortality by two-thirds still leaves a large number of people in poverty and mothers dying due to pregnancy complications.


Today, Jill Sheffield, President of Women Deliver, echoed similar thoughts and unveiled what Women Deliver will be doing to being conversations about maternal health and other health issues beyond 2015:

Beginning now and into 2012, we will post every few weeks the opinions of key thought-leaders around the globe about ICPD [International Conference on Population and Development] and MDG5 and what should happen after the deadline dates of 2014 and 2015. We will ask them to speak to specific questions and encourage you to comment. In the fall, we will have an online discussion forum to gather further comments, ideas, questions, and suggestions. It’s time to begin the conversation—and we have designated space on Women Deliver’s website to do just that.


Check out the entire post and be sure to keep an eye on Women Deliver’s site as the conversations unfold.