Maternal Health Featured Prominently in February WHO Bulletin

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In the February 2012 issue of the Bulletin of the World Health Organization, maternal health is prominently featured with seven (half!) of the articles directly or very closely touching on maternal health. Just a few years ago, this focus on maternal health in such a prominent journal would have nearly unthinkable. However, given the attention to maternal health to and hard work of our colleagues, partners and allies throughout the world, voices of mothers and their advocates are now heard loudly on the global scene.


The seven articles feature maternal health issues including:

  1. A CEDAW decision on human rights and maternal mortality
  2. Fistula treatment in Sierra Leone
  3. Population control and human rights
  4. Access to facilities in Timor-Leste
  5. Health systems and maternal health in the Philippines
  6. Female genital cutting in west Africa
  7. Perinatal mental disorders