DFID Health Research Competition: Focus on New Technologies to Impact Diseases of Poverty

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On March 13, DFID announced their Health Research Competition for the Development of New Technologies to Impact Diseases of Poverty. The competition will fund research projects on a number of global health issues–including malaria in pregnancy, reproductive health commodities, family planning technologies, and more. See below for details on the competition!


This competition for DFID health research funding concerns developing new technologies to impact on diseases of poverty e.g. vaccines, drugs, insecticides, diagnostics, reproductive health commodities, etc.


  • The competition is open to all areas of work but at the present time areas of particular interest to DFID are:
  • Malaria – drugs – in particular for P. vivax and malaria in pregnancy; diagnostics; insecticides; G6PD test
  • Communicable diseases (e.g. TB/HIV/Diarrhoea/Meningitis/etc) – drugs; diagnostics; vaccines; microbicides
  • Neglected tropical diseases – drugs; diagnostics; insecticides
  • Reproductive, maternal and newborn health – e.g. reproductive health commodities, family planning technologies, dual prevention technologies. G6PD test
  • Other – hunger and humanitarian issues


DFID priority geographic areas are Africa and resource poor areas in Asia.


For full details, see the Call for Expressions of Interest. Answers to questions about the competition will be posted on the Questions and Answers page.


Deadline for applications: 2 pm UK time, 23 April 2012