Academics, Development Workers, Techies, and Entrepreneurs Gather to Share Ideas for Increasing Global Health Equity

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This Friday, April 20th, our colleagues at IntraHealth are bringing together “thought leaders, inventors, industry greats, tech superstars, multi-disciplinary entrepreneurs, academics, crisis responders, innovators, brand-makers, communication specialists, community builders, and funders from all over the world”  to share ideas and find solutions for increasing global health equity. The conference, SwitchPoint, promises to merge, disrupt, and infuse the dialogue around global health inequity–with fresh perspectives from various disciplines and organizations including Google, USAID, Medic Mobile, Development Seed, the World Bank, and more. The SwitchPoint webcast is free and requires no registration. Tune in here.

SwitchPoint is an unusual gathering of global thinkers and doers merging ideas, sharing breakthroughs, and finding solutions to save lives in the developing world. Come explore how the latest inventions, innovations, entrepreneurial ideas, principles, and change levers can dramatically increase global health equity. You’ll hear from leaders who know how to flip that entrepreneurial switch, getting people across sectors thinking differently about opportunities to create, innovate, and collaborate to save lives and support health and well-being in developing countries.

For more details on the conference, visit the conference site here.

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