Seeking Young Champion of Maternal Health in Mexico!

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Apply today! The Young Champions of Maternal Health program is now seeking a Young Champion of Maternal Health in Mexico!

To reduce maternal mortality and morbidity over the long-term, emerging public health leaders need to be equipped with the skills, commitment, and vision to respond fully to multiple causes and consequences of maternal mortality and morbidity.

The Maternal Health Young Champions Program, a partnership between The Institute of International Education and the Maternal Health Task Force at Harvard School of Public Health, offers a unique fellowship to young people who are passionate about improving maternal health in their home country. The application process was recently open to candidates from Ethiopia, India, and Nigeria. The program has now expanded, with the goal of also identifying a Young Champion of Maternal Health in Mexico.

These Young Champions of Maternal Health program identifies students or young graduates in public health or a related field who are committed to improving maternal mortality and morbidity through either research or innovative field work in their home country.  Young Champions are matched with in-country mentors from selected organizations for a nine-month research or field project internship focusing on a particular area of maternal health.

The fellowship includes leadership training and participation in the Global Maternal Health Conference 2013 in Arusha, Tanzania.

Click here for more information about the Young Champions of Maternal Health program in Mexico, including eligibility criteria and directions for how to apply.

Applications are due December 7th, 2012.