Ghana Television Series to Focus on Maternal Health

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As The Guardian reported today, Ghana’s GTV will begin airing the “Maternal Health Channel” tonight. Through a series of 30 minute episodes that mix drama and documentary, the Maternal Health Channel will seek to drive home the message that maternal mortality remains a major problem in Ghana and, further, that it is not just “a woman’s problem,” but a national issue.  The series is being produced by Creative Storm, a company that has been using media to draw attention to a variety of major social issues in Ghana for some time.

From The Guardian:

Creative Storm hopes the series, which is expected to reach 8-10 million viewers per week, will trigger far-reaching debate. It already has the backing of president John Mahama, who will be at the launch. In a speech last month, he said: “You can have the highest GDP but if women are dying in your country, you are leading nowhere.”

To view a clip from the Maternal Health Channel via The Guardian, click here, and for more on Creative Storm’s previous work to use media for education and social change in Ghana, click here.