Every Mother Counts Petition Aims to Put Women at the Heart of Policy Decisions

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By: Sarah Blake, MHTF consultant

Yesterday, in a blog post first published on The Huffington Post, Every Mother Counts Founder Christy Turlington Burns launched a petition asking female members of the U.S. Congress to use their positions to advance policies that have a positive impact on the health and well-being of women and girls. In particular, the petition calls for “doing all that is possible” to make preventable maternal deaths a thing of the past.

From the original post:

I know the road ahead will include some difficult battles if we are truly going to move this agenda forward. I also understand the constraints presented by our budget and competing political priorities. I know not everyone who represents us in government is fully on board yet with regard to insuring safety, education, access to health care, employment and women’s ability to make personal choices to reach their full potential in life. I am hopeful however, that this combination of an unprecedented female leadership in Congress and the opportunity for our own voices to break through will make sure women’s rights and status in society are fully equal to men’s and truly secure all over the world.

To sign the petition, click here or visit Every Mother Counts on Facebook.