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MamaYe Campaign Aims to Mobilize Public for Maternal Survival in Africa

By: Sarah Blake, MHTF consultant

Today, Evidence for Action launched MamaYe, a campaign that uses digital and mobile phone technology alongside community involvement in Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Tanzania. Along with MamaYe’s innovative use of technology and outreach, it also seeks to make evidence accessible to experts and members of the public alike as it seeks to link evidence, accountability and advocacy in new ways. From MamaYe’s website:

From understanding complex evidence, to finding the nearest blood bank; from the latest clinical guidelines, to tracking budgets or stockouts, MamaYe puts information in the hands of those with the will to make change. Riding Africa’s telecommunications revolution, MamaYe connects you to others with the same ambition. MamaYe is a campaign for all of us, by all of us, to ensure Africa’s mothers and babies survive pregnancy and childbirth. Together we are MamYe!

To join the campaign or learn more, visit MamaYe on Facebook or Twitter,  or read about the launch on Evidence for Action’s blog.

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