Wilson Center Dialogue April 18: Impact of Violence Against Women on Maternal Health

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We are pleased to announce that the next event in the Advancing Dialogue on Maternal Health series co-sponsored by the Woodrow Wilson Center, UNFPA and the MHTF will be held April 18 from noon to 2pm at the Wilson Center in Washington, DC. The dialogue will focus on the impact of violence against women on maternal health.

From our colleagues at the Wilson Center:

Women suffering from intimate partner violence are more likely to suffer from complications during their pregnancy, including miscarriage, low birth weight, and excessive bleeding. They’re also more likely to be denied medical assistance during childbirth by their husbands and in-laws.

The impact of violence isn’t limited to mothers. A 2011 study co-authored by Jay Silverman, Anita Raj, et. al found that the death of 1.8 million female infants and children in India between 1991 and 2011 were linked to violence against their mothers. Violence against women is not unique to India and occurs in many parts of the world where women have limited access to maternal health care services. A study conducted by Cari Jo Clark, Jay Silverman, et. al, identified multiple social factors in Jordan that led to intimate partner violence during pregnancy. Among them: alcohol use by the husband, engrained attitudes of a woman’s duty to obey her husband, and infrequent communication between the wife and her family.

Join us in a discussion of the many effects of violence against women on maternal health and what steps are being taken to address this global issue.

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About the 2012-13 dialogue series: As one of the few forums dedicated to maternal health, the Woodrow Wilson Center’s 2012-13 Advancing Dialogue on Maternal Health series builds upon the 2009-2011 series to bring together senior-level policymakers, academic researchers, media, and civil servants from the U.S. government and foreign consuls to identify challenges and discuss strategies for advancing the maternal health agenda.

In addition to in-person events, video of Wilson Center dialogues is available online.  To watch the April 4 dialogue, Maternal Health in India: Emerging Priorities, click here.