Pathfinder International Shares New Technical Tools for Global Health Practitioners

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Our colleagues at Pathfinder International have recently issued several new capacity building tools for global health practitioners. The tools, part of a collection called Straight to the Point Tools, include checklists and straight to the point guidelines for developing a work plan, budgeting, accounting, and identifying and prioritizing behavior change needs.

About the Straight to the Point Tools collection:

Taking into consideration implementers’ limited time and human and financial resources, the tools in Pathfinder’s Straight to the Point Series provide clear, concise guidance on a variety of issues related to organizational management and program design, implementation, and assessment. The Straight to the Point tools do not replace extensive, in-depth evaluations and guidance, but rather offer an easier, more direct way of improving programs and launching new activities.

About the work planning tool:

This tool leads an organization or group step-by-step through the process of creating a workplan—from setting goals and objectives, to choosing activities, to planning timing and assigning responsibility—and includes a workplan template.

Access the work planning tool.

About the budgeting tool:

This Straight to the Point capacity building tool introduces the concept of budgeting to community-based organizations with limited resources and financial management experience, and leads them through the process of creating a simple budget.

Access the budgeting tool.

About the accounting tool:

This Straight to the Point capacity building tool offers a brief introduction to a few essential accounting practices and provides a checklist to help organizations assess whether they are meeting these fundamental requirements.

Access the accounting tool.

About the behavior change communication tool:

Organizations and groups can use this tool to guide a group activity with members of the community they work with in order to identify the major barriers to adopting a specific healthier behavior and to prioritize which barriers should be addressed first.

Access the behavior change communication tool.

Does your organization develop and publish tools for global maternal health practitioners, researchers, or policymakers? Let us know! We would love to share them on our blog and in our library. Contact Kate Mitchell at