Delivering Success: Scaling Up Solutions for Maternal Health (Report Launch)

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By: Jacob Glass, Writer, The Wilson Center

Cross-posted from New Security Beat

Since 2009, the “Advancing Dialogue on Maternal Health” series, co-produced by the Wilson Center, Harvard’s Maternal Health Task Force, and the United Nations Population Fund, has been one of the few public policy forums dedicated to maternal health.

Convening workshops in Washington, DC, India, and Kenya, the series has brought together experts, donors, program managers, and decision-makers from around the world to leverage their collective knowledge on reducing pregnancy-related deaths and complications. In total, the series has held 40 events over the last five years, with experts from around the world joining participants from the United States to showcase new research and discuss strategies for increased coordination in the field.

While the United Nations met in New York last month to discuss progress towards the Millennium Development Goals and begin designing their successors, the latest synthesis of the series’ recommendations was launched at the Wilson Center. The concurrence added a reflective tone to the conversation.

“I speak to you today with a sense of guarded optimism…maternal health is increasingly seen not as a specialty health issue, but rather as central to development,” said report co-author Margaret Greene. “What’s more, the principles that are key to maternal health echo at the heart of the post-2015 discussion, and vice-versa.”

Delivering Success: Scaling Up Solutions for Maternal Health highlights the progress made in reducing pregnancy-related deaths and injuries, building on the series’ first report, Delivering Solutions, while underscoring the significant work yet to be done.

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