Please Join the MHTF for a Webinar on Perinatal Health and the INTERGROWTH-21st Project Tomorrow

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Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 28, the MHTF is hosting a seminar on perinatal health led by Stephen Kennedy and Jose Villar, co-directors of the Oxford Maternal and Perinatal Health Institute and moderated by Ana Langer, Director of the Women & Health Initiative and the MHTF. Dr. Kennedy and Dr. Villar will discuss the objectives, design and emerging findings from the INTERGROWTH-21st Project, the world’s largest collaborative venture in perinatal health research. INTERGROWTH-21st has compiled data on healthy pregnancies in diverse settings around the world over the past five years in order to inform new evidence-based standards for use in monitoring nutrition and growth during pregnancy and the early postpartum period, and, in turn, to contribute to improved health outcomes for mothers and newborns alike.

To take part, tune in at 10:30 am EST, or follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #INTERGROWTH.

To learn more about important factors, recent research and organizations working to improve health in the perinatal period visit our perinatal health topics page.