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After convening at the International Society of Obstetric Medicine Conference last October, the Global Obstetric Medicine group endeavours now to understand the global landscape of Obstetric Medicine—particularly in low- and middle-income countries—in order to determine training, learning and resource needs. Obstetric Medicine is an emerging specialty that focuses on the care of the obstetric patient with medical disorders, whether these disorders are pre-existing or arising in pregnancy.

To facilitate this endeavour, the group is hoping that you will complete this brief survey regarding provision of Obstetric Medicine services in your locality. The survey should not take more than 5 minutes.

A lack of awareness regarding the contribution of  Obstetric Medicine has been suggested as one of the factors contributing to pregnancy-related morbidity and mortality. In addition, specialised Obstetric Medicine does not exist in many countries and management is distributed amongst a range of health care providers with variable expertise.

We hope to establish a network of interested members and works towards developing mutual collaborations to address the challenges and gaps in Obstetric Medicine and the care for women around the world.

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