The Lancet Maternal Health Series

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By: Sarah Hodin, MPH, CD(DONA), LCCE, National Senior Manager of Maternal Newborn Health Programs, Steward Health Care

The Lancet Maternal Health Series

The Maternal Health Task Force (MHTF) is pleased to share with you The Lancet Maternal Health Series! We are grateful to Oona Campbell and Wendy Graham who played crucial roles in putting this series together and to the many authors and colleagues who were involved in the production of the series. The series highlights key issues in the global maternal health field and provides diverse perspectives on the way forward:


Maternal health: Time for a radical reappraisal
Audrey Ceschia, Richard Horton

Quality, equity, and dignity for women and babies
Mary V Kinney, Amy Boldosser-Boesch, Betsy McCallon

Implementation and aspiration gaps: Whose view counts?
Lynn P Freedman

World Reports

Frontline: Helping women deliver in South Sudan
Andrew Green

Challenges for maternal health efforts
Amy Lieberman


Picturing health: Challenges for Syrian refugees in Turkey
Danielle Villasana


Diversity and divergence: The dynamic burden of poor maternal health
Wendy Graham, Susannah Woodd, Peter Byass, Veronique Filippi, Giorgia Gon, Sandra Virgo, Doris Chou, Sennen Hounton, Rafael Lozano, Robert Pattinson, Susheela Singh

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Beyond too little, too late and too much, too soon: A pathway towards evidence-based, respectful maternity care worldwide
Suellen Miller, Edgardo Abalos, Monica Chamillard, Agustin Ciapponi, Daniela Colaci, Daniel Comandé, Virginia Diaz, Stacie Geller, Claudia Hanson, Ana Langer, Victoria Manuelli, Kathryn Millar, Imran Morhason-Bello, Cynthia Pileggi Castro, Vicky Nogueira Pileggi, Nuriya Robinson, Michelle Skaer, João Paulo Souza, Joshua P Vogel, Fernando Althabe

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The scale, scope, coverage, and capability of childbirth care
Oona M R Campbell, Clara Calvert, Adrienne Testa, Matthew Strehlow, Lenka Benova, Emily Keyes, France Donnay, David Macleod, Sabine Gabrysch, Luo Rong, Carine Ronsmans, Salim Sadruddin, Marge Koblinsky, Patricia Bailey

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Drivers of maternity care in high-income countries: Can health systems support woman-centred care?
Dorothy Shaw, Jeanne-Marie Guise, Neel Shah, Kristina Gemzell-Danielsson, KS Joseph, Barbara Levy, Fontayne Wong, Susannah Woodd, Elliott K Main

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Next generation maternal health: External shocks and health-system innovations
Margaret E Kruk, Stephanie Kujawski, Cheryl A Moyer, Richard M Adanu, Kaosar Afsana, Jessica Cohen, Amanda Glassman, Alain Labrique, K Srinath Reddy, Gavin Yamey

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Quality maternity care for every woman, everywhere: A call to action
Marjorie Koblinsky, Cheryl A Moyer, Clara Calvert, James Campbell, Oona M R Campbell, Andrea B Feigl, Wendy J Graham, Laurel Hatt, Steve Hodgins, Zoe Matthews, Lori McDougall, Allisyn C Moran, Allyala K Nandakumar, Ana Langer

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