Using Research Findings to Influence Maternal Health Action: An Example From Nigeria

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By: Bolaji Fapohunda, Senior Advisor & Nosakhare Orobaton, Chief of Party, TSHIP

The paper—When Women Deliver with No One Present in Nigeria: Who, what, where and so what, published in MHTF-PLOS Year Two collection—revealed that over one in five births in Nigeria was delivered with no one present (NOP) and 94% of those deliveries occurred in northern Nigeria. To decrease the number of NOP deliveries, authors recommended an increase in women’s access to and control of disposable income through financial incentives and changes to the broader socio-economic fabric. The paper has shaped the discourse on maternal and newborn health in Nigeria in the following contexts: a statewide community-based distribution of misoprostol and chlorhexidine that links mothers to providers, a policy dialogue involving local religious leaders, and a presentation of the results at a panel hosted by Harvard… read more