Forced Sterilizations and Maternal Health in the Canadian Context

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By: Hani Rukh-E-Qamar, Founder and Executive Director of the Canadian Advisory of Women Immigrants (CAWI), currently pursuing a Master of Science in Epidemiology at McGill University; Harini P. Aiyer, PhD, MS, Health equity and global health researcher ; Ksenia Kholina, Family Medicine resident physician, Director of Research and Education at CAWI, registered dietitian, and health researcher based in Halifax, Nova Scotia; Pram Thennakoonwela, psychologist, researcher, and advocate at intersection of immigration and mental health; Radha Maradiya, MPH, Sexual and Reproductive Health researcher and advocate ; Rehma Khan, Master of Science in Public Health student at the University of Alberta, specializing in Health Promotion and Socio-Behavioural Sciences; Zara Ahmed, Master of Public Health student at the University of Alberta