ICS Integrare and MHTF | 2014
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Jacaranda Health opened its first clinic in 2011. A social venture, it combines business and clinical innovations to provide women living in Nairobi’s peri-urban areas with high-quality, friendly and affordable maternity care through a network of self-sustaining and scalable clinics. With two brick-and-mortar clinics, the organization provides clients with high-quality individualized ANC delivered by nurse-midwives. Labor and delivery care is also available at the clinic, with postnatal care being provided both at the clinic and across the community. Jacaranda has developed its own electronic record-keeping service, an innovative postpartum family planning campaign, and its own mobile pre-payment service that helps families save for delivery costs. Early results, particularly related to patient satisfaction, have been promising, but more information on scalability is needed.