EngenderHealth | 2012
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This report describes the results of a noncomparative prospective 12-month observational study that was conducted at 10 study sites in Bangladesh. The aim was to assess the acceptability and effectiveness of Sino-implant (II) among 595 women who had the device inserted in June and July 2011. The report presents data collected at baseline and at follow-up visits at three months, six months, and 12 months following insertion. Participants were interviewed using a standardized questionnaire, to evaluate insertion complications, method acceptability, pregnancy status, changes in menstruation, weight, or blood pressure, and any other side effects. Some data (e.g., weight and blood pressure) were gathered from participants’ clinic records. Women who had the implant removed before 12 months were interviewed about the reasons for removal, their satisfaction with the removal, their health-seeking behavior and experiences, and any complications they experienced during or after removal.