Laura Laski | October 2015
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Presentation at the Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference, October 20, 2015

This presentation will speak about global trends in adolescent health, and highlight challenges to improving health outcomes and successful strategies towards overcoming these challenges.  The presentation will also point to gaps in research, and information and will highlight existing global initiatives that might contribute to addressing challenges in adolescent health outcomes.  The speaker will provide an update from the Commission on their integrated work plan for responding to the shifting determinants of health needs of adolescent health.  She will do this by addressing three main questions.  First, the response by policy-makers to the growing need to improve adolescent health.  Second, how to invest in mechanisms enabling the provision of better health information around adolescent health – allowing us to also monitor success.  Third, the need for effective action outside the health sector, such as cross-sector initiatives around education, employment, taxation, which all have an impact on the health of adolescents.