Email: info@hdirwanda.org
Phone: +250788305117
Address: Post Office Box 3955, Kigali, Rwanda
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“Health Development Initiative-Rwanda (HDI) is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization based in Kigali and registered with the Rwandan government. We strive to improve both the quality and accessibility of health care for all Rwandans through advocacy, education, and training. HDI was founded in 2005 by a dedicated group of Rwandan physicians working in health facilities and communities across the country. This diverse group of health professionals was united by a shared commitment to improve the health of disadvantaged communities within and outside of the health care system.  Today, HDI brings together a team with vast experience in medicine, public health, and community development to bridge the gap between communities and the health care system.”


“Our Family and Community Health program provides support and health education to individuals, communities, and community health workers in a bid to increase prevention and treatment of disease and illness.

We believe the dissemination of information goes beyond individuals and has the power to mobilize whole communities to achieve greater health. We educate communities to prevent and respond to disease through community theater, debate, and trained community health workers. We target women, youth, children, and other vulnerable groups.

We promote community health education by linking health professionals with community groups and leaders, and empowering individuals to prevent disease and promote health-seeking behaviors. Community health education also serves to strengthen links between communities and health facilities, improving access to quality health services. ”