Email: info@maternityworldwide.org
Phone: +4401273234033
Address: 113 Queens Road, Brighton BN1 3XG, United Kingdom
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Maternity Worldwide is a charity which works in low-income countries to help women and girls access the high-quality maternal health care they need to be able to give birth safely.

Their mission is to work with communities and partners to:

  • Identify and develop appropriate and effective ways to reduce maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity
  • Facilitate communities to access quality skilled maternity care
  • Support the provision of quality skilled care


  • Provide communities with information on maternal and newborn health so they know the risks to look for and can seek medical help early
  • Enable women to become financially independent by supporting and training them to set up their own small businesses, empowering them to become the decision-makers about their own reproductive and sexual health and to become future leaders
  • Improve access to health centers and hospitals
  • Train local midwives, doctors and healthcare workers to enable them to provide safe births
  • Where necessary, provide the equipment and resources needed and improve the referral service so hospitals and health centers can enable women to give birth safely