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In the First Strategic Plan, West African Health Organisation (WAHO) undertook measures to combat Malaria, malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, maternal and infant mortality; prevention of blindness actions for easy access to medicines and vaccines, epidemiological surveillance as well as training and health information management. These health problems have remained in the sub-region, in spite of the significant results achieved. .

In consideration of the challenges to be tackled, vis-à-vis its mission, vision, goal and the priorities expressed by Member States, in the Second Strategic Plan, WAHO intends to pursue the fight against the aforementioned diseases as well as non-communicable diseases by addressing the following strategic orientations:

  1. Support for quality improvement of the health systems of the sub-region
  2. Support for health services improvement in the sub-region
  3. Support for development of sustainable financing of health
  4. Institutional development of WAHO