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DHS eForum Closes

Many thanks to everyone who posted a comment on our DHS eForum. Since the DHS is such an important source of information for monitoring progress on maternal health indicators, it is crucial to get the revised questionnaire right, and I anticipate that the DHS program will seriously consider this input from the maternal health community. … Continue reading “DHS eForum Closes”

MHTF eForum: The DHS Questionnaire

You must be registered and logged in toparticipate in this eForum. If you have not already done so, please read the background documents that we previously posted. Background The Demographic and Health Surveys are nationally representative household surveys. A Household Questionnaire is used to identify members of the sampled household who are eligible for an … Continue reading “MHTF eForum: The DHS Questionnaire”

Gwyneth Lewis's Bio

MBBS, MPH, MRCGP, FFPHM, FRCOG, D.Sc. Gwyneth is widely known and respected by the maternal and newborn health community, both in the UK and more widely, and holds several roles in promoting global safer motherhood and newborn health. She is the clinical leader for international maternal health and policy in the Department of Health, London, … Continue reading “Gwyneth Lewis's Bio”

Guest blogger: Dr. Gwyneth Lewis on the Maternal Mortality Campaign

Welcome to Dr. Gwyneth Lewis, our first guest blogger, and a member of the MHTF Advisory Group. Click here for her bio. Thanks for the post, Gwyneth! -The MHTF Team. I was honoured to represent the MHTF at a meeting held between the Maternal Mortality Campaign, headed by Sarah Brown, and the European Commission in Brussels … Continue reading “Guest blogger: Dr. Gwyneth Lewis on the Maternal Mortality Campaign”

Maternal Health at the World Health Assembly

Here at the MHTF we’re encouraged that maternal health featured so prominently in the opening addresses of the World Health Assembly in Geneva yesterday. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon eloquently summed it up by saying, “In the 21st century, no woman should have to give her life to give life.” We wholeheartedly agree. And we … Continue reading “Maternal Health at the World Health Assembly”

Prep for the DHS eForum

The DHS eforum will launch any day now! If you haven’t already done so, register here so that you will be able to participate in this important online discussion that will provide input to the DHS program on the maternal health content of the revised DHS questionnaire. Meanwhile, check out these excellent background documents that … Continue reading “Prep for the DHS eForum”

Two More Job Opportunities at MHTF

A key part of the MHTF’s workplan is knowledge management and state-of-the art information & communications technologies. The Knowledge Management Specialist will design and maintain the first knowledge management system dedicated exclusively to maternal health. And the Technology and Information Dissemination Specialist will build a system that allows maternal health specialists and stakeholders to communicate … Continue reading “Two More Job Opportunities at MHTF”