The goal of the Maternal Health Innovations Fund was to amplify the voices of women and health caregivers in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and South Kyrgyzstan to maximize women’s maternal health decision-making by leveraging both local knowledge and technical capacity. The Maternal Health Task Force, in partnership with the International Center for Diarrheal Research in Bangladesh and Aga Khan University in Pakistan, supported projects that aimed to:

  • Enhance the ability of maternal health communities in low-resource settings to create dialogue on pressing maternal health issues and build consensus on strategies to address challenges.
  • Conduct evidence-based research to improve maternal health care issues at the community, facility, district and national levels.
  • Promote collaborations in low- and middle-income countries to expand and enrich the spectrum of solutions.

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Southern Kyrgyzstan

  • Referral System: To assess functional and dysfunctional elements of the maternal and newborn referral system