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Rapid Assessment Manual


Rapid Assessment Modules and Tools

  • Conducting an Antenatal Clinic Survey (module and tool)
  • Conducting a Delivery Unit Survey (module and tool)
  • Hospital Surveillance of Malaria Disease: Data Abstraction Form (module and tool)
  • Conducting an Antenatal Clinic Facility Assessment (module and tool)
  • Conducting a Health-Care Worker Observation (module and tool)
  • Conducting Individual Interviews and Focus Groups with Health-Care Workers (module and tool)
  • Conducting Individual Interviews and Focus Groups with Traditional Birth Attendants (module and tool)
  • Conducting an Antenatal Clinic Client Exit Interview (module and tool)
  • Conducting Interviews and Focus Groups with Recently or Currently Pregnant Women (module and tool)
  • Conducting Interviews with Key Informants (module and tool)

Rapid Assessment Resources

Resource 1: Articles and Guidelines

List of Articles

Guidelines: A Strategic Framework for Malaria Prevention and Control During Pregnancy in the African Region

Resource 2: Resources for the Qualitative Assessment

Sample Reviewer Training Manual & List of Other Resources

Resource 3: Resources for Training Sessions

Rapid assessment general issues

Overviews of Modules

Epidemiology and control of malaria in pregnancy

Clinical and laboratory methods

Resource 4: Planning Tool

Costing Tool