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Malaria in Pregnancy: A Solvable Problem—Bringing the Maternal Health and Malaria Communities Together

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Malaria in Pregnancy: Threats, opportunities, and new technologies
Ib Christian Bygbjerg, University of Copenhagen

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Bygbjerg discussed the potential of technology, especially e-health or mhealth innovations to strengthen efforts to address MiP. In the past ten years, phone connections have more than tripled around the world.He shared promising results from an m-health project aimed at improving maternal health in Zanzibar, and discussed how it could address MiP. Bygbjerg also explained that mobile phones were designed for communication (not health) and raised important ethical questions surrounding m-health: Who picks up the phone? Who reads the text message? Who owns your health data? He called on the group to consider more operations research for m-health initiatives, including use for MiP.

For more information, please visit the malaria in pregnancy technical meeting page.