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Maternal Health, HIV, and AIDS: Examining Research Through a Programmatic Lens

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Scientific and programmatic advances in PMTCT: To B or to B+
Roger Shapiro, Harvard Medical School

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Shapiro noted future information from the PROMISE study will answer questions comparing different treatment regimens. Shapiro stated, from Europe and Africa, the evidence suggests that ARV use during pregnancy causes higher rates of stillbirths, preterm births, and low birth weight. Shapiro presented research from Botswana where 29% of the sample was HIV-positive. Shapiro noted that in all categories HIV exposed children had poorer outcomes and found that HAART treatment in mothers,was associated with higher rates of preterm delivery, smaller for gestational age, and stillbirths. Despite several outstanding questions, Shapiro endorsed Option B+ as a crucial opportunity to meaningfully scale-up access to PMTCT.

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