Jacquelyn Caglia joined the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health in 2011 and currently serves as the Associate Director of the Women and Health Initiative (W&HI) in the Department of Global Health and Population. Jacque oversees the W&HI’s administration, including human resources, financial management and overall operations, and directs knowledge management and communications efforts, including the Maternal Health Task Force. Jacque contributes to the W&HI’s research projects as a co-investigator and co-author, including the 2015 report published by the Lancet Commission on Women and Health. Jacque also supports the W&HI’s educational activities including the Safe Mothers and Newborns Leadership Workshop and winter and summer field experiences in maternal health. Jacque is interested in the integration of health services and client-centered design as well as approaching health workforce development from a gender-based perspective.

Before joining the W&HI, Jacque was Program Director at World Connect, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of women and children in low-resource settings. Prior to this, she worked with the Institute for Community Health researching how race, ethnicity, language and culture affect health and the quality of healthcare services.

Jacque has worked with many organizations addressing women’s health to evaluate their health interventions and communicate about their work, including the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy and Circle of Health International. Jacque has extensive experience in training development and grant writing and has held various positions focused on local and international health, including work in survey administration with John Snow, Inc., in community outreach and case study development with the Montgomery County Health Department in Pennsylvania, and with the Peace Corps as a community health specialist in the Dominican Republic.

Originally from Pennsylvania, with roots in community organizing and service learning, Jacque holds bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Psychology and a master’s degree in Public Health from Boston University. She is fluent in Spanish and learning French.

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