To Address Noncommunicable Diseases and Maternal Health in Low-Resource Settings, Integrate Data at the Primary Care Level

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By: Elizabeth Marcuse, Community Health Specialist Volunteer, United States Peace Corps, Guyana, South America

High quality maternal health care requires a health workforce and health systems that adequately respond to local needs and can meet emerging challenges, such as those at the intersection of maternal health and noncommunicable diseases. Guyana’s health system structure has serious potential to evaluate and respond to these complex health issues, but decisions concerning resources and strategies require evidence-based support…read more

Targeting Gestational Diabetes During Antenatal Care: Experience from Ethiopia

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By: Mebrahtu Abraha Gebremikael, Elke Konings and Christie Roberts, Management Sciences for Health (MSH)

Evidence suggests that gestational diabetes is highly treatable and, since it is associated with other conditions, there may be opportunities for integrated treatment approaches. Researchers recently carried out a study assessing the prevalence of gestational diabetes in Ethiopia and the feasibility of integrating low-cost services for gestational diabetes into antenatal care…read more

Maternal Health Progress in Post-Conflict Timor-Leste

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By: Valerie Wordley, University of Manchester

Timor-Leste should be applauded for its progress in maternal health over the last decade-and-a-half, serving as an inspiring model for other low-income, post-conflict countries to follow. A substantial amount of work remains for Timor-Leste to achieve the maternal mortality targets under the Sustainable Development Goals, but it is clear that the country is on the path to success…read more